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Rua José Paranaguá, 243
Manaus - Amazonas


          For many years Manaus was called “The Paris of the Tropics”. Bathed in the waters of the Rio Negro, the city boasts one of the most famous opera houses in the world, Teatro Amazonas is build with  marble from Italy, iron from Glasgow and prefabricated blocks from Alsácia. During the Rubber Boom, the lavishness of the rubber barons knew no bounds, even the dirty laundry was sent to Paris to be washed. Today Manaus is the agitated heart of the Amazon where the romantic colonialism mixes with the luxury of the modern world such as can be found in the expensive hotels.

          Manaus is an ideal starting point for expeditions to the jungle. From your vantage point on a boat it is possible to admire the wonder of amazon nature; the incredibly varied Flora and Fauna, the two thousand species of fish and the immensity of the river. You will also experience these wonders up close; taking walks in the forest, bathing in rivers and waterfalls, Piranha Fishing by day and Alligator Flashing by night. You will meet the people of the region and see how they live, try the food and taste some of the hundreds of fruits found only in the Amazon. A magnificent sight is the Meeting of the Waters, where the tranquil black water of the Rio Negro joins with the turbulent brown water of the Rio Solimões to form the immense Amazon river.