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Rua José Paranaguá, 243
Manaus - Amazonas


          The canoes are light and fast, tem meters in width with a capacity of 8 passengers, canoeist and guide, as well as provisions and equipment. Equipped with a powerful motor, it is the fastest way to travel on the Amazonian rivers giving you more time for excursions and adventure. You will spend the night in a native house in a hammock.

V.1 – TOUR BALATA I (2days, 1night)

1st. Day:
- leave at 9:00 p.m. from the Floating Docks;
- continue to the Meeting of the Waters;
- see the dolphins (Botos);
- travel through a channel called Xiborena
to the Igarapé Xiboreninha (see map, B);
- have lunch;
- Piranha Fishing with paddle canoe;
- have dinner;
- Alligator Flashing after dark;
- stay overnight;

2nd. Day:
- for early risers, bird watching at 5:00 a.m.;
- have breakfast;
- take a jungle walk on the Rio Solimões
to see trees and medicinal plants;
- have lunch;
- visit to a Manioc House;
- return to Manaus at 5:00 p.m.

Manioc House

V.2 – TOUR BALATA II (3days, 2nights)

1st. and 2nd. Day (see tour Balata I)

- after the visit to the Manioc House, travel by canoe to a lake to watch the sunset;
- have dinner;
- after dark go Spear Fishing in the Igapós;
- stay overnight;

3rd. Day:
- have breakfast;
- visit the Caboclos to learn how they live,
their plantations, fishing methods, typical foods;
- have lunch;
- a short visit to Janauary Lake to see handicraft exposition;
- return to Manaus at 5:00 p.m.